pantyhoseFor generations, pantyhose have been a must-have undergarment for any well-dressed woman wearing a dress or skirt. Nowadays, one often sees women choosing tights over traditional hosiery. Is this a trend that’s here to stay, or do stockings still have a place in the modern woman’s wardrobe?

Tights have definitely become more popular in recent years, and they clearly do replace hose for some women. Younger women may wish to wear shorter skirts, and feel more comfortable wearing opaque tights that provide more coverage than sheer hose do. Tights can also be useful for warmth. Because they are made from a thicker material, even lightweight tights are warmer to wear than hose. You can even find thick, woolen-type tights for extra warmth during the cold months. This allows many skirt-loving women to continue wearing their favorite outfits even in the autumn or winter weather.

Tights come in fun patterns, colors, and textures as well. For a bold and stylish look, you can match vibrant colored tights with a same-shade bright skirt. Or, layer ribbed or knit-textured tights under a denim skirt, then pair with tall boots for a cozy fall outfit that will keep you warm and looking cute.

Tights also last longer and are less delicate than their notoriously fragile hosiery counterparts. While sheer hose can easily snag and get a run, tights tend to resist these accidents more easily, have greater durability, and last longer.

But do tights work as well with more traditional or dressier pieces? True, opaque black tights coordinate with most skirts and dresses, especially when paired with black shoes to create a continual, long leg line. They make many women feel securely covered and comfortable. But don’t give up on pantyhose just yet. Certain stylish celebrities, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, have created a new buzz about sheer, nude-colored stockings.

For some time now, many fashionable women have chosen to go bare-legged when out and about in dresses or skirts, particularly for fancier occasions. However, there seems to be a recent resurgence in the popularity of stockings. Sheer, nude stockings create a lovely and smooth appearance for one’s legs. They camouflage imperfections and blur any skin tone flaws or inconsistencies. They give a slim appearance and flatter all skin tones. Of course, women have known this for generations, which is why hosiery has endured all this time. But lately more young women are rediscovering its merits.

Pantyhose may feel more appropriate to certain outfits. A decorous occasion such as a wedding or funeral, for example, may call for a demure look. In these situations, an elegant suit or dress pairs well with sheer hose. At other times, a woman may wish to show off her legs with a livelier or dressier look; pantyhose can help elevate her appearance to classically beautiful.

Still, it seems that much like hose, tights are not leaving the fashion scene. There will always be women who prefer one type of leg-wear over the other. Tights may be the new pantyhose for some women, but sheer hose will always be around for women of a different fashion persuasion, or for certain occasions when a particularly dressed-up, classic appearance is required. Either way, every woman wants her legs to look lovely!


racerback braWhen looking for a bra, most women seek support, comfort, and functionality. Having a comfortable bra is essential for preventing or eliminating pain, particularly in the back. A racerback bra can cure back pain because of the way it is designed, offering more support than a traditional bra. By crossing over your back, this special type of bra provides added lift to your chest. Racerback bras can also improve your posture. Due to the design of the straps, racerback bras pull your shoulders back and help you stand up straighter, eliminating pressure from your upper back. This can cure back pain because a lot of this pain stems from poor posture. In addition to providing greater support and improving posture, these bras are less of a hassle to wear. Unlike traditional bras, straps on racerback ones rarely slip down the shoulders.

Sports bras typically come in a racerback style. The wide straps on these types of bras can support the weight of your chest better than thinner straps. The added support of having a racerback bra will help ensure that back pain will not occur. Using this preventative measure to ease back pain will eradicate it before it has a chance to develop.

Racerback bras can be found in most department stores as well as specialty lingerie shops. There are many websites that also sell racerback bras. These sites often allow you to customize your bra to fit your specific needs. Most stores have these types of bras available in their selection, along with bras with traditional straps. Some multi-way bras are even created in a way that allows the user to wear the bra with traditional straps or racerback straps by unhooking and repositioning the straps. If for some reason it is difficult to locate a this type of bra, there are also racerback bra clips that are sold which allow you to pin back traditional bra straps in a way that resembles and gives the same benefits of a racerback bra.

When browsing for a racerback bra, it is best to look for a bra that is comfortable, stylish, and supportive. The racerback straps should not be too tight and the cups should not bulge or protrude. This type of bra comes in many different styles and can be basic and used for everyday wear or have extra features like push-up cups that are great for a night out on the town. Racerback bras allow all the same functionalities as traditional bra types; however, they typically help reduce back pain more than regular bras because they offer more support and create better posture.

Racerback bras are very stylish and are great to wear with today’s latest styles. Many tops are low cut on the sides or have racerbacks themselves. These types of tops are great to pair with this type of bra because it ensures that the bra straps will be concealed. Racerback bras are even appropriate for dressier occasions because many sleeveless or strapless dresses will require a bra like this that conceals the straps. Many people find exposed bra straps to be unsightly and unattractive. Racerback bras allow women to have comfort while at the same time remain trendy.

leggingsDenim and leggings are both stylish choices for casual occasions, but deciding when to wear which can be a tough call. First, consider practicality. If you are going to an outdoor barbecue that is going to last well into the evening, jeans are the warmer choice. They are also more resistant to staining and looking worn. Similarly, if you are going out to do a physical activity, like playing in the dog park or going out to toss the Frisbee, jeans are the durable choice. You wouldn’t want to rip a hole in the knee of your leggings when reaching for the long throw.

Durability doesn’t just protect you from real life wear-and-tear, though; jeans actually give you a look of casual toughness. Even if you’re only a spectator for a sporting event or rodeo, denim can be a better fit for more physical occasions. In the same vein, a more delicate event like a dance recital or cocktail party calls for a more feminine look that can be achieved through a flowing dress with stockings underneath.

Secondly, consider what top you’d like to wear to the event. Leggings, especially when paired underneath a skirt, can’t handle too much more complexity. If your top has a lot of intrigue, such as buttons or a strong pattern, it’s simpler and safer to go with denim. Likewise, if your top is a solid with simple lines, adding a skirt with patterned tights underneath can bring a lot of glamour into the outfit.

In the same way, if you have a pair of shoes you definitely want to wear, use them to guide your choice. Jeans can easily “dress-down” a pair of stilettos, giving you the perfect mix of glamour and breeziness, while leggings with high heels can look a bit overdone. If you want to be comfortable on your feet, leotards add a quirkiness to sneakers to make them seem more like a fashion statement.

denimFinally, consider the occasion itself. The more formal occasion, the more inappropriate it becomes to wear jeans – even quality dark washes! Nylons and a skirt are a perfect choice for those occasions when you feel as if jeans would be too casual, but a dress or suit would make you look out of place. Make sure your leg-huggers do just that – fit is everything! Also check your length. You wouldn’t want a hem peeking out from the tops of your boots.

Denim is a standby, so sometimes it’s easier just to grab it and go. With all the different materials and patterns that leotards have to offer, you’re missing out on a huge section of possible outfits if you don’t ever consider them. If you have a skirt or dress that never seemed to look right, try matching it with different pairs of stockings to give it new life!

As a final note, leggings should never be worn without a shirt, dress or skirt that comes down past the tops of your thighs (unless you’re going to a club or a similar venue). You want to look classy and leave a little to the imagination! If you can’t find good pairings for your leotards, it’s best to stick with denim, but stockings can be a great way to dress up an outfit and make a cool fashion statement.

Whether you are getting ready for a special occasion or want to make your clothes look more flattering on a regular basis, picking up a few shapewear pieces can help you transform your trouble spots into your best assets. In fact, body-shaping apparel is one of the hottest trends in today’s fashion industry. It can make you look pounds thinner and give you the confidence you need to live your life to the fullest every single day. While shapewear is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of clothes, it can be a little pricey depending on where you shop and the brands you want to get. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get a few high-quality pieces for different areas of your body. There are plenty of good deals available on all types and brands of body shapers if you know where to look for extra savings.

Before you start shopping for body-shaping products, get to know more about them to figure out what you need to get for your unique needs. Shapewear comes in many different shapes and sizes ranging from bodysuits that provide full coverage to tummy wraps that suck in the stomach and define the waistline. In general, bodysuits are more expensive than smaller items. However, keep in mind that prices for the same type of body-shaping garment can vary dramatically from one brand to another. Well-known labels tend to be a lot more expensive than generic brands. One way to save a lot of money on popular body-shaping brands is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. Most will have a clearance section that lists ongoing sales and discounts. You can also find great deals at select department stores and their online outlets.

If you already know what brand or product you are looking for, try searching for coupons or promotional codes on the Internet. Thanks to the popularity of online shopping, many retailers now offer special discounts to all online shoppers. Because they are not always listed on the retailer’s main website, make sure that you try using a search engine or going directly through coupon websites to check for discounts on your favorite shapewear products. Some discounts can be applied immediately and others can be used to lower your balance when you enter a promotional code before checkout. Before using any coupons, read the fine print. Many discounts come with specific limitations and expiration dates, so it’s important to make sure that you can actually use your coupon to avoid wasting your time.

Get familiar with body-shaping vernacular to avoid choosing the wrong products, especially if you plan to shop online. For example, target compression means that the garment is made out of special fabric that will tighten a specific problem area and make it appear thinner. Vintage-rise design is usually a term that’s used to describe high-waisted shapewear that covers the entire stomach. Contour products are specifically designed to give the body an hourglass shape and smooth out the sides, but they don’t necessarily come with built-in target compression. Many body-shaping clothes combine different technologies in one design, so it’s common to find products that include a variety of fabrics and features. If you are shopping online, double check your size before placing your final order. Online retailers typically have convenient size charts that you can reference to pick the best size for your weight and figure.

Treating yourself to some chic essentials during your pregnancy will keep you feeling fabulous, even into the dreaded third trimester. While many women think they can wear their regular clothes throughout their pregnancy, most end up needing to update their wardrobe to make room for their growing baby and body. The perfect pair of jeans, a few blouses, and a pair of super chic leggings will be perfect for any occasion and any trimester, but there are other less obvious items you will need to make it through the next few months in style and comfort.

The best start to any wardrobe is a solid foundation. Maternity underwear is no longer the granny-panties of yore; they are available in any style you can imagine. Wear whatever you find to be the most comfortable. A well-made, supportive maternity bra is also a must-have by the end of the first trimester, to accommodate your expanding bust. If you plan to breastfeed, look into nursing bras towards the end of your third trimester. Not only will they provide some much-needed support, but they will also come in handy when the baby arrives! Nursing bras are supportive, yet offer easy access for nursing moms.

Next, you’ll want to choose a comfortable pair of maternity jeans, or maybe a couple of pairs. They come in many different styles with different options for elastic waistbands. A pair of elastic black pants will provide comfort not only during all stages of your pregnancy, but they’ll also come in handy in those postpartum months where nothing seems to fit. A couple of pairs of leggings will also be an indispensable asset to your closet. They give variety and can be worn with almost anything in your closet. Leggings are comfortable and stretchy, so they are another item you can wear throughout your pregnancy.

For comfort and formality, slipping on a dress or skirt can be the best solution. A wrap dress is a must-have, as it will hug your curves in all the right ways and can make you feel pretty even when you’re in the last few swollen weeks of your pregnancy. Maternity skirts come in several different waistline options, and some even have expandable side-seams so you can wear them throughout your entire pregnancy. A simple black dress or pencil skirt can be paired with a jacket, cardigan, or leggings to create several different outfits without anyone knowing you’re recycling the same two items.

Maternity shirts are another piece that’s changed dramatically since our mothers were pregnant. A cotton V-neck t-shirt can be paired with anything and is appropriate in almost any setting. Maternity t-shirts and blouses come in form-fitting, flattering shapes that are tailored to fit in the bust and leave room for your expanding belly. A stylish tunic can also be paired with jeans or leggings, depending on the look you want to create.

While you shop, don’t overlook accessories! A set of bangles or a chunky necklace can lift any outfit from casual to chic. While stilettos aren’t safe or sensible, a couple of pairs of flats will match any ensemble, and can easily be slipped on during those weeks you can’t seem to find your feet.

How women feel about bras is all too often based on the myths that they have heard. Many people think that all brassieres are uncomfortable and restricting. However, this is simply not true. While there are many myths surrounding brassieres, the following four are the most common:

Absolutely All Brassieres are Uncomfortable

Perhaps the most common myth surrounding brassieres is that all of them are uncomfortable, even the high-end ones. While this may be true in some cases, it is typically only true if you purchase a bra that does not fit you properly. When you buy the right size, it will be comfortable.

In fact, most bras are made from extra soft material and designed to fit the curves of a woman’s body, making them quite comfortable to wear. There are many different garments to choose from, and you are sure to find one that suits you. Some brassieres are so comfortable that it can feel like you are not wearing one.

Brassieres Will Create Ugly Bulges

Another common myth pertaining to brassieres is that they create unsightly bulges. Again, if you do not buy the right size garment, this can be true. However, if you purchase the proper size, there will be no bulges or embarrassing lines for people to see.

There are many different bras that provide smooth lines without sacrificing support. There are also minimizing brassieres for large breasts that will provide extra support while preventing bulges from showing through. Many of them feature wide wings in the back to help prevent bulges and achieve a smooth and perfect look.

Strapless Brassieres Will Not Stay in Place

Finally, many women have probably heard the myth that strapless brassieres will not stay in place. They may even be afraid to wear them, thinking that their breasts may pop out of them during the day. However, this is yet another case of simply purchasing a bra that fits.

A strapless bra that does not fit properly may very well not stay in place. On the other hand, when you buy a strapless brassiere that fits properly, it will stay in place all day. These bras are extremely versatile, and they will give you the support you need.

They are made with specially designed features to ensure that they will stay in place. Many of these brassieres are made with anti-slide elastic along the top and grip-like linings along the sides and back to also help them stay put. With that said, when you wear a strapless brassiere, you can be as active as you wish and it will stay in place.

You Need to Let Your Breasts “Breathe”

Another common misconception pertaining to brassieres is that you need to let your breasts breathe from time to time by going bra-less. This cannot be further from the truth. In fact, when breasts are not supported regularly, they will become pendulous. This is especially true for individuals who have large breasts.

Brassieres have come a long way when it comes to comfort and style. There are many myths surrounding bras, with the four most common being listed above. However, women’s undergarments today are designed for comfort while offering the best support possible. You do not have to wear an uncomfortable bra so long as you buy one that fits you properly.

Exercise doesn’t come easily for everyone. Sometimes thinking about the end result is the only way to gather up enough energy for that run or session on the elliptical. Other times it takes the alignment of the planets.

There are ways to motivate oneself to exercise. Looking at pictures of success stories, window shopping for clothes, signing up for a 5k, and planning events that require you to be more svelte are all ways to get the ball rolling. However, there’s one motivator that people tend to overlook: workout wear.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our appearance has a great influence on how we feel. A new pair of shoes or hairdo can improve your mood in an instant. The same idea also applies to your exercise gear.

One of the best ways to inspire your motivation to exercise is by purchasing new clothes to sweat in. Even if you don’t have your ideal body quite yet, by dressing your best now, you’ll feel energized and eager to work towards your goals.

While you want your workout wear to look nice, it’s also important that it be comfortable. Only buy fabrics that are made from breathable materials. Leggings are one of the most versatile and popular garments to wear during exercise. If you’re going to wear something tight, like leggings or a body suit, make sure that they’re moisture-wicking. Properly fitted leggings will also smooth out your legs.

During the cooler seasons of autumn and winter, leggings are excellent to wear while walking or jogging outside. Snow is no excuse for not getting outside and exercising. If you layer leggings underneath a pair of heavier sweatpants, you’ll be much more warm and cozy. Of course once you get moving, your body will quickly heat up and you might find yourself ditching that extra pair of pants.

Skin tight fabrics aren’t for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable in something tight, or are concerned about your hips and upper thighs, look for straight leg pants. If you pair a wide leg pant with a more form-fitting top, you’ll look much longer and leaner.

If you’re trying to hide your midsection, opt for a looser fitting top that cinches in at the bottom. This will help conceal the tummy area, and tighter fitting bottoms will offer a nice contrast.

Skirts are a welcome change to boring shorts. If your shorts ever ride up your inner thighs, a skirt will eliminate that annoying problem while keeping you fun and stylish. Don’t worry about your skirt being too revealing, as most exercise skirts have built-in shorts.

Any woman would be under immense discomfort without a great sports bra. While you can find bargains on exercise clothes in many venues, you may find yourself having to spend a bit extra on a bra that’ll do the job.

If you’re starting a new exercise routine, it’s a good idea to make it as fun as possible. Go for bright colors and fun patterns that’ll wake you up and keep you energized. With the right attitude, you’ll be excited to exercise and work towards your goals each day.